I just sorta do stuff. . . .

and here’s some of the stuff I’ve done:

To make it easy for me to update books (since WordPress keeps changing things)

My Author Page on Amazon

Recent Publications

Guenevere: A Tragedy (available from Amazon.)


The Merry Devil of Edmonton and The Witch of Edmonton, adapted for performance in Edmonton, Canada (Available from Amazon.)

The Doctrine of the Method of Proceeding Against Heretics (translator)      (Available from Amazon.)

Life is a Dream: A new English translation of Pedro Calderón de la Barca’s “La vida es sueño” (Available from Amazon)


Old Papers About Old English: Some Odd Ramblings of an Old-Style Philologist  (Available from Amazon.)



Less Recent Publications

“On The Seafarer, Line 34b,” Modern Philology, 81 (1983), 168-9.

“Elven-Maid: A Consciously Archaic Fragment,” Edges: the new literary magazine, 1 (1986), 15.

“The Critic on the Beach,” Neophilologus 71 (1987), 114-119.

“The Ruin: An Anglo-Saxon Poem,” Edges: the new literary magazine, 2 (1987), 15.

“The Hero at the Wall in The Wanderer,” Neuphilologische Mitteilungen, 89 (1988), 280-285.

“Two Notes on the Time Frame of The Wanderer (Lines 22 and 73-87),” Neophilologus, 73 (1989), 158-9.

Hlude wæran hy: Syncretic Christianity in the Old English Charm Wið Færstice,” Mankind Quarterly, 42 (2001), 21-45.

“Pediatric Centre for Weight and Health a First,” Hero, Issue 4 (2011), 12-13.

“Making Surgical Minutes a Milestone,” Hero, Issue 4 (2011), 18-19.

“An Appreciation of Paddy Lamb’s ‘Memory of Absence'”, commissioned in 2012 by the artist for Memory of Absence, an exhibition of the art of Paddy Lamb at the Custom House Gallery in Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland, January-February, 2013.

“Mercutio After a Fort Mac Bar Fight”, shortlisted for CBC’s Canada Writes “Shakespeare Selfie” competition, May 14, 2014.



Guenevere, A Tragedy in Verse – Walterdale Playhouse’s Cradle to Stage Festival (playwright)


Guenevere, A Tragedy in Verse – Edmonton International Fringe Festival (playwright)


The Merry Devil of Edmonton and The Witch of Edmonton, adapted for Edmonton’s Winter Shakespeare Festival (adapting playwright)

Art Exhibitions


– Old Strathcona Centennial Mural Project


– Free For All – Art Gallery of Alberta

free for all


– Cypress Gallery, Eastend, Saskatchewan (ongoing)
– Diversity 2008 – VAAA Gallery

Diversity 2008


– Figures in a Streetscape – Varscona Theatre Lobby
– Diversity 2009 – VAAA Gallery

Diversity 2009


– Spaces – VAAA Gallery


– Figures in a Streetscape – Spruce Grove Art Gallery

Figures in a streetscape

– Diversity 2010 – VAAA Gallery

Diversity 2010

– The Sketch – Naess Gallery

The Sketch


– Menagerie – Sideshow Gallery


– X position – VAAA Gallery


– Energize – VAAA Gallery


– VBay – VAAA Gallery
– Exterior mural at Battista’s Calzone Co.


– Symbiosis – Harcourt House
– Think Small – Visual Arts Alberta Gallery


– My Village: New Portraits by John Richardson – Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Old Strathcona (part of ArtSpirit Festival)

My Village

– Kinetic 25 – Harcourt House

Kinetic 25


– BreadBasket – Visual Arts Alberta Gallery

Bread Basket evite 2 Smaller than

– Flight – Harcourt House


Kaleido Family Arts Festival


Deep Freeze Winter Festival

Kaleido Family Arts Festival


Deep Freeze Winter Festival

-SHOWCASE at The Art Gallery of Alberta

Art for #YMMHelps

– Big, BIG Portrait Show at The Paint Spot

7 comments on “About

  1. ahmed harbia says:


    Am an art collector, who intends opening a gallery of my own. I have been on the lookout for artist worldwide to buy wonderful paintings from, also recently saw a piece of your painting online and would love to buy paintings from you. Kindly send me your price range? And I hope you accept credit card as a means of payment as that is the most suitable for me.

    Do reply me asap!


  2. Thanks for the interest, Mr. Harbia!

    My paintings are generally priced from $200.00 (Canadian) for the small pieces and upward from there. Shipping would, of course, be something that would vary with the size of the piece and where it’s going. I don’t actually have experience with shipping – my sales have generally been face-to-face or through local galleries. May I ask where you are?

    Unfortunately, I’m not set up for credit cards, although I suspect I could work out something through paypal.

    Again, thanks for your interest.

    John Richardson

  3. curious says:

    We live in a world of imaginary money that buys more and greater real things than ever could have been produced at any other time in history” – amazing point

  4. Rory J. Koopmans says:

    I can no longer go see films on Mondays at the old museum that I did for over 35 years with my mother both before & after she died. One less thing of happiness for senior citizens. And seniors cannot afford to pay 50$ to park see these great films at the museum site & compete with Rogers Place events, ludicrous to tear down the old museum, turn it into a homeless shelter!

  5. Merrill Distad says:

    Dear John Richardson,
    After reading your blogpost about acquiring Brad Willis’ copy of NORSE POEMS, I was hoping to find your email address so I might share with you the eulogy for my long-time friend Brad at his memorial service last year. He was one of the most remarkably erudite and interesting individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. If you’re interested, feel free to contract me by email.
    Dr Merrill Distadmerrilld@shaw.ca

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