“Othello” at the Walterdale Theatre

“. . . no African actor should ever want to play Othello.” — Minister Faust, Author

“a person of colour should always play the role of Othello. If you can’t cast it, don’t do it.” — John Hudson, Artistic Director of Shadow Theatre


Is a live production of Othello possible in Edmonton?


5 comments on ““Othello” at the Walterdale Theatre

  1. It’s a work of the imagination and speaks to all kinds of “otherness”. An imaginative director? A passionate cast? Can’t wait!
    (Saw Jordan Tannahill’s Corcord Floral the other night in Vancouver. An astonishing production. A superb play. Have you seen it?)

    • No, I’ve not seen Concord Floral.

      And I guess I won’t see Othello any time soon.

    • Personally, think there are enough juicy Shakespearean roles around that it’s not a hardship for White actors to graciously leave Othello for actors of colour. But if actors of colour follow Minister Faust’s advice, and White actors follow John Hudson’s advice, Othello will never be staged again. And what of the Merchant of Venice? Should Jewish actors embrace or avoid the role? Can we even imagine a gender-bending Taming of the Shrew? Can the most troubling of Shakespeare’s plays be redeemed? I don’t have an answer.

      • From my perspective, all things are possible! Does it change the play (or the audience) to have, say, a Tamil actor play Othello? A Roma play Iago? Transgender kids play Romeo and Juliet? It might make us watch more closely, hear more clearly. Ask a few more questions. Or just lose ourselves in the work more deeply. Maybe I’m always willing (too willing) to ask the questions for which I don’t have answers either….

  2. I meant Concord Floral. My fingers were faster than my thinking!

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