I posted this to Facebook last night, but some people don’t do Facebook, so . . .

There’s this thing trending on teh twitter called “#IDenounceHarper.

I can’t.

Denouncing my neighbour is something I don’t want to ever be called to do. It’s the ultimate of Fascist suggestions, a call to the absolute end of freedom of thought. Whatever I think of him, of his vision for Canada, of his record as Prime Minister, as political organizer, as stock boy, or as university student, Mr. Harper, like all Canadians, is, before all else, my neighbour.  I’m not going to jump on a foul intertube bandwagon and DENOUNCE the man, the husband, the father, the guy whose life’s course has been so similar to my own while arriving at such a dissimilar place.

I’ll happily criticize his policies, his tactics, his strategies, his ads, his claims, his choice of pet.  I’ll gladly vote for a candidate from a party opposed to his. I’ll shout from the rooftops that his vision of Canada is absolutely inconsistent with my own.

But I will not denounce Mr. Harper.

If he has committed or condoned crimes, we have a functioning Parliament and functioning Courts to deal with those.  I don’t expect to ever be called as a witness in proceedings against Mr. Harper. A vanishingly small percentage of Canadians should expect such a call. Our denunciations are nothing but the venting of spleen, usually anonymously, often stupidly maliciously.

Mr. Harper has done something I never would have had the guts to do: he threw his hat into the ring and he rose to the highest elected office in the land and governed as he saw fit.  I wish he never had, but I can’t denounce him for having more guts than me. 

I don’t want another minute of Prime Minister Harper, but, as much as I dislike my impression of him as an individual, I will not denounce him. 

In the end we are all neighbours in the most civil of  civil societies, Canada.

Vote. Don’t Hate.

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