Giving Back to the Edmonton Arts Community

If you have any awareness of the Arts in Edmonton, you probably know that the Roxy Theatre, home of Theatre Network, was destroyed by fire a few days ago.  If you think you’re up on the Arts in Edmonton, you should know about the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts.  The Arts community in Edmonton is a pretty tight knit bunch and its visual and musical and theatre and dance artists are very supportive of each other.  In that supportive spirit, here’s what I’m going to propose:


A while ago, after looking at my Eastend Sketches, Dave Janzen suggested “Those would look good BIG.”  So, without much foresight, I went and got a big canvas.  Now I’ve got a four foot by four foot finished painting with no free walls for hanging and precious little storage space in my hopeless clutter.  Here it is:


Eastend Tree Large watermarked

“Eastend Tree”, 2015, Acrylic on Canvas, 48″x48″


Here’s the deal:  If you or your company have wall space in need of filling, and if you want to support the Arts in Edmonton, buy “Eastend Tree” for a thousand bucks.   I’ll just keep 20% to cover cost of materials (and maybe lunch for a couple of days) and divide the other 80% equally and donate it in your name to Theatre Network and The Nina Haggerty Centre.  I’ll make sure receipts for tax purposes are issued in your name (I don’t have enough income to need them), you’ll have a big painting, two important Edmonton Arts institutions will have a bit of cash and I’ll have a some of space back.

If you’re interested, you can contact me by clicking on “Me on facebook” or “Me on twitter” up there on the right and we can do some direct message arrangements for you to come see the thing, etc.

One comment on “Giving Back to the Edmonton Arts Community

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