A Nice Start to the New Year

I woke up this morning to kind of surprising news: for some reason unfathomable to a nonetheless grateful me, Edmonton Journal columnist Paula Simons has nominated my wee blog for a 2014 #Yeggie award in the “Arts & Culture” category. For those who don’t know what a #Yeggie is, it’s an annual recognition of “content creators” in “New Media” working in the Edmonton metropolitan area. For a 50-something guy who blathers on and rambles about everything from poetry to politics to parenting to Space Rock and sometimes even speaks Old English verse online, this feels like a strange but somehow Big Thing, particularly being nominated by an experienced professional journalist whom I highly respect. That I’ve received such a nomination in this hipster-saturated, crazy-engaged New Media city is nothing other than weirdly mind blowing.  As I say in the “about” bit of my blog, “I just sorta do stuff…” And then, this. I have little illusion that I will win or even make the shortlist, mainly because the blogger I nominated in the same category, Jenna Marynowski, does, in her blog After the House Lights, the best – uncannily good – journalistic treatment of the vibrant Edmonton live theatre scene that’s being done, professionally or otherwise, bar none. If there’s any justice, Jenna will win the 2014 #Yeggie for Arts & Culture. And I will be a long-winded, disjointed footnote with Miltonically extended sentences having no particular focus beyond the quiet happiness of being honoured for a moment by the knowledge that a respected person I’ve never met in Real Life has listened to and heard my little voice. And Jenna totally rocks #yegtheatre.   (Full disclosure: I’ve never met Jenna Marynowski in Real Life, either.) (By the way, before the turn of the calender I posted a thingy about my most read posts of 2014. I really ramble!)

Update, March 5, 2015:  Tonight the shortlist for the 2014 Yeggies was announced.  As I expected, Jenna Marynowski’s After the House Lights is on the right there on that list.  And, also as I expected, Behind the Hedge was not.  I’m so relieved that I’ll not have to dress up for the first time in twenty years. 

Congratulations, Jenna! Your focused dedication to Edmonton Theatre deserves this recognition and more.


7 comments on “A Nice Start to the New Year

  1. Dorothy Bird says:

    You do a fine job! D.Bird


  2. lauratfrey says:

    Congrats! Your spoken word post is what convinced me to follow you. It was great.

  3. jennamarynowski says:

    Hi John – I’ve been trying to figure out how to say ‘thank you’, and I think simple is best: thank you so much for your ongoing support, thought-provoking (online) conversations, and all of the shout-outs you give me! As you know, Edmonton’s theatre scene is so constantly inspiring… how can we NOT write about it, right? 🙂

  4. aw, shucks! 🙂

    I think people in the rest of the country are starting to notice what’s happening in Edmonton in theatre and the arts. Your regular online peeks backstage and from the seats are an important part of getting the word out, both to local theatre-goers and to the growing number of people further afield who are wondering about – and in wonder at – our remarkably vibrant cultural community. We’ve been hiding our light under a bushel for too long. It’s time for us all to shout out to each other and shout to the world. If you want to do or see or hear or feel the Arts, come to Edmonton.

    BTW, it looks like Deep Freeze Fest was a big success even with the cold. This evening I watched one gentleman almost peeing himself with excitement because he had enough money in the bank to buy a painting he loved that was in the visual arts show. A respectable percentage of the pieces sold, a remarkable percentage for a brief, two day show.

    Edmonton loves making art and supporting the arts.

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