Looking back (narrowly) at 2014

With one day left in the year, I thought I’d look back at the top ten most read blatherings of the forty (forty-one now) I’ve posted in 2014.  These aren’t necessarily those of my blatherings most read this year – some blatherings from previous years continue to draw a lot of attention, it seems.  But, here are the top ten blatherings I actually wrote this year:

10: “Just Get Over It!” A Brief Thought Arising From the TRC National Event in Edmonton

9. A Few Thoughts on Edmonton’s “Galleria” Project

8. My Favourite Symmetry in the Nadeau-Paquette Mural Project at Edmonton’s Grandin Station

7. Oilsands v Hydroelectric: a reality check on Site C

6. The Alberta Government’s “People with Developmental Disabilities” Agency: One Family’s Experience

5. The Unbearable Whiteness of Being Rex Murphy

4. The Challenge posed to us all by Joseph Boyden’s “The Orenda”

3. A few amateur thoughts on Edmonton, infill, zoning, and city planning

2. Edmonton: Acting As If

And, the most read post of the year, by far (thanks Aaron!):

1. “Lightfinder” by Aaron Paquette: Comparisons Will Inevitably Be Made

Thanks everybody for coming by to rubberneck at my rambling lack of focus!

And a special thank you for all the unknown people all around the world who have an unexpected interest in the final slim book of Mr. Herbert George Wells.  My little appreciation of Mind at the End of Its Tether from 2013 was second only to the number one post on Aaron Paquette’s Lightfinder this year and is the second most popular post of my time blogging.   The most popular continues to be my Connecting the Constitutional Dots of #IdleNoMore for the White (like me) Layperson which pretty much broke the counter two winters ago.

Most of all I want to thank the people of Edmonton who make this city such a wonderful place to live and read and write and think and make art and go to plays and hear music and hang out with neighbours.

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