I’m feeling really annoyed at the Dean of Edmonton Theatre Reviewers

I’m feeling a little annoyed at Colin MacLean, “the Dean of Edmonton Theatre Reviewers.” You see, when writing in the Mary Poppins playbill earlier this year about the then-upcoming Citadel production of Romeo and Juliet, he reminisced about the 1976 Citadel production of the same play:

“It featured Canadian Brent Carver (who went on to win a Tony in New York) and a young Tom Wood as Mercutio. (Also it featured a Juliet who performed the balcony scene topless but that is another discussion.)”

Well, Colin, that Juliet you dismiss with such puerility has a name. She’s Nicky Guadagni. John Neville brought her to Edmonton fresh from playing Miranda to Paul Scofield’s Prospero in London. She’d graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. She’s since been nominated for five Geminis and won two. She’s had as successful a career as that young man who played her Romeo in 1976. I’d argue she’s gone much further than her Mercutio.

It is absolutely shameful and sexist of you to dismiss Nicky Guadagni as the topless, nameless Juliet on the balcony.


By the way: if I remember correctly, Mr. Carver also played that scene topless, Colin.

Check out Ms. Guadagni’s CV here.

And then see again what the Dean of ‪#‎yegtheatre‬ Reviewers has to say about her:

Colin MacLean being sexist

Update, June 22, 2015:  Ms. Guadagni just won the Dora award for Outstanding Performance – Female for her work in Theatre Passe Muraille’s Hooked.  The “Dean of Edmonton Theatre Reviewers” really should be apologizing, methinks.

Update, November 22, 2015: I noticed this evening that Mr. MacLean, in his series of essays on the 50th Anniversary of the Citadel, has somewhat made amends. In the second essay, printed in the program for Evangeline, he writes:

The new theatre opened in 1976 with Romeo and Juliet. Brent Carver was a memorable Romeo, Juliet was a young and appealing Nicky Guadagni (with Tom Wood as Mercutio).


Thank you, Mr. MacLean, for shedding the puerile misogyny.

3 comments on “I’m feeling really annoyed at the Dean of Edmonton Theatre Reviewers

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  3. dreamdave says:

    Colin Maclean is stuck in another time. He didn’t consider contemporary, enlightened social mores when he described ‘anonymous’, topless* Juliet. Maclean has a responsibility to be mindful of the sensitivities of his readership. Or does he?

    * Topless: Such an anachronism…unless it’s still 1976.

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