A Thought on the Relocation of the Old Strathcona Cenotaph

The back alley in our neighbourhood is like the courtyards of old European cities.  It’s a place where local familes get together and chat and play and sometimes sit quietly.  Often we discuss local issues. The other night we were discussing the pending relocation of the Cenotaph in our neighbourhood.  Charlie made what I thought was an intriguing suggestion:

“You know the old Esso site on Whyte Ave.?” he said.  The old Esso site is a prime lot on the corner of Whyte Avenue and 105 Street that has been empty for longer than most can remember.  Lately there has been talk of redevelopment.

Charlie continued: “They’re asking for a variance to let them build six stories – the limit for the area is four.  Maybe the City should say ‘Okay. We’ll give you your six stories. But you have to set aside a patch of ground of such and such a size right on that high visibility corner as a park for the Cenotaph.’ ”

Now doesn’t that sound like a win-win infill solution?

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