If Your Only Tool is a Hammer . . .


Society has come to demand a “business model” for every human effort. Artists have to have business models. Charities do. Hospitals and schools do. Schools, for goodness sake, have to catalogue their inputs and outputs, their production, their “outcomes” and present reports to “stakeholders”. Government services like post offices, social services, armed forces . . .

It used to be we valued these things for how they made life better, how they improved society and the world. We valued the “Public Good”.  Now we only ask for their “business model” and demand that we get “value” for our money.

I wish we’d stop.

And I wish we’d demand of corporations (and governments) that they make life better, that they improve society and the world.

I wish we’d stop and realize, and make our leaders realize, that sometimes – often – the bottom line is not the bottom line.



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