The Obligatory New Year’s Eve Blog Post

I’ve never been one to celebrate much on New Year’s Eve. Like December 21, 2012 was, it’s just the flipping of another calendar page, as far as I can see.  But, everyone seems to be doing it, so, here goes.

When I started back in February throwing things up here I never could have imagined:

Being “followed” on twitter by Shelagh Rogers because of a couple of book reviews (Ghomeshi still doesn’t pay attention to me);

Getting a commission to contribute to the catalogue of an art show in Ireland because of a few art reviews;

Spending an afternoon with the Great Alex Janvier and his lovely wife Jacqueline;

Having a conversation with Professor Anthony J. Hall because of a bunch of Constitutional ravings I posted;

Meeting artist Aaron Paquette and his wonderful wife Clarice through my writings here;

and conversations with so many others I would never have met otherwise, such as storyteller Waubgeshig Rice, lawyer and activist Lise Frigault (weird: my phone just buzzed with a “Happy New Year!” from her!), Artist Paddy Lamb, theatre guy John Kirkpatrick, musician Joel Crichton , Abigail Harrison who, at fifteen, intends to be the first human to land on Mars. . . and so many more.

But, perhaps the biggest surprise has been the wave of visitors that have arrived because of #IdleNoMore.  More than half the views of Behind the Hedge have come this month, making December more than five times busier than the busiest month before.  And the vast majority of the visits in December have been to “Connecting the Dots . . .”.

I couldn’t have imagined that by the end of 2012 thousands of people would actually come to read my understanding of the Constitutional relationship between the Crown and the aboriginal people of Canada (of all things!).

Nor could I have imagined meeting Phyllis and all the other warm #IdleNoMore participants.

And it’s been really nice to find that the Art Gallery of Alberta is a place were (almost) everybody knows my face, if not always my name.

It started out as just a place to mark down my thoughts, mostly about literature and art.  I was always so surprised to see on the stats page that someone actually had looked at something I’d written.  Thanks for the surprises, everyone!

I don’t make resolutions.  I seldom even make plans.  But here are a couple of things I’m expecting in 2013:

Finish preparations for my little exhibition in May;

Continue to mutter about the Constitution and the Treaties;

Try to develop some ability to listen in Cree, even if I don’t get to the point of speaking nēhiyawēwin;

Read a lot;

And maybe I’ll start on that little art project I’ve been rolling around in my head for a few years, the one that celebrates Edmonton, that golden Metropolis of the Future . . .

And maybe eat less and get more exercise.

If anybody is reading this, Happy New Year!

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